About Elim's Kebab Shop

Located at 31 Duke St, Huntly AB54 8DL, Elim's Kebab Shop is a unique takeaway where you can order succulent kebabs, juicy burgers, calzones, ultra-delicious pizzas, Jacket Potatoes and many other tasty dishes.
If you ask any local resident near Duke St, “where can I find the best kebabs near me?”, No doubt, you will hear the name, “Elim's Kebab Shop.”
No matter where you are, whenever you want to have a high-quality doner kebab, check out our rich menu and choose your favourite, then leave it to our super-fast delivery service to get it on your doorstep. Don’t forget by ordering online.
Our priority is hygiene, and our staff are applying strict hygiene protocols, in line with Covid-19 regulations, in all steps of preparing, packaging, and delivering your order, giving you peace of mind.
Not only can you order online and pay by cash, but you can also use our secure and trusted PayEat online payment system to pay for your orders.

Feel like picking up the phone to order? No problem! Call us on 01466 792747


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